Privacy Policy

DAN TAKEDA FLOWER & DESIGN PTE LTD (Hereafter known as "we") abide by the following regulations regarding the use and management of personal information.

Acquiring personal information

When collecting personal information, we will make clear our intentions for use and only acquire the information directly from the customer. We will only collect the minimum amount of information necessary unless we have explicit permission from the customer to do otherwise.

Using personal information

We will not provide any third party with any personal information collected from this website. In order to ensure the quality of our products and service, we do sometimes collect anonymous statistical information but do not give this information to any third parties. We will not use information collected for any purpose other than the following: *We will from time to time send out information regarding events at Dan takeda Flower & Design, as well as direct mailings regarding sales and school information. Except when required by law to do so, we will not disclose personal information without permission and/or notification.

Protecting the safety of personal information

In order to protect information, we follow special regulations regarding the management of personal data. We have also taken steps to prevent the unlawful access to, alteration, loss and leakage of personal information. We employ a system of one manager responsible for the protection of personal information, who is also responsible for training other employees about the need to protect information. Employees and partners are also given an adequate and necessary amount of supervision, to protect our customer's information.

Supplying information to third parties

We will not provide personal information to any third party, unless we have received customer consent, are required to by law, by judicial and/or administrative government bodies, in order to protect human life or financial assets, or any other situation as provided by the Personal Information Protection Law of 1988. When sharing personal information with any business partners, even after receiving customer consent, we will enter into a disclosure with the business in order to fully protect all personal information.

Correction and amendment of personal information

We vow to keep customer's personal information correct and up to date. If a customer requests a change in their personal information, or requests that personal information no longer be used, after confirming the owner of the information, we will quickly comply with the request. In order for us to better communicate with our customers, answer inquiries and receive requests, we have opened a Support Centre. For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please call the following number: Dan Takeda Flower & Design
+65 8223 6999
Mon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00

Improvement of our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is continuously reviewed in order to better serve and protect our members. We reserve the right to modify this information at any time.